Is included decoration images valid in the theme (zip file)?

Hi everyone.

I have struggled when creating a theme. One of them is to include decoration images. Can I attach it to my theme, or replace it with placeholder_image? It might lead to being unwell without decoration.

Thank you for your help.

I have the same problem and was hoping to find an answer here. Unfortunately, no one has answered yet.

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Hi @vinhnguyenlc,

If you are asking as an author then you have to add placeholder images in the purchased download zip (customer copy) and you can use images (should have permission for commercial use or your own created images) for your live demos.


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Thank you so much, @mgscoder.

I got it. So I understood that:

  • Images are not legal in purchased download zip
  • Decorative images: circles, triangles, abstract blur images, etc… are also not legal in purchased download zip.

Is this right?


If those main images made by you then you can otherwise not.

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Thanks for your help. :raised_hands:

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