Is Hard Reject just for a Style or Coding ?


for example:
My product has a good style.
But it does not have good coding.

Is it hard reject to be?

Or, for example, the reverse:
My product has a not good style.
But it does have a good coding.

Is it hard reject to be?

In general, we divide a product into two parts, style and coding.
If not one of these is good, is it hard reject to be?

with respect quality coding (css/html/programming language) is mandatory to get approve.

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Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum

This is basic rejection article hope it will helpful for you.


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Thanks @msgcode and @unlockdesign

If I do exactly the rules of this page and then the product is rejected, what should be done then?

you have to maintain common also most important is your item design. if your everything okay but design isn’t good then item will be rejected.

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for example i want to know which is the problem, style or coding, who should tell me this?

Everything is can be issue if you didn’t maintain Envato Themeforest Quality Standard.

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