Is good or bad my idea?

Hi to all:

I want make category .psd on themeforest, I have a idea make a template . psd for PDI International, It’s bad idea or not?

Please help meeeeeeee, I not know that idea :frowning:

Regards all.

Hi @JeriThemes

I dont understand your idea what exactly do you want to do? PSD Templates for Website, UI etc.?
Like here: ?

I googled for PDI International but still i dont understand what your idea is about

Can you explain it further?

Yes, it’s correct I want make a website pdi international :slight_smile:

Please help me!!! I wait for make my .psd :frowning:

I NOT LIKE SPEAK ALONE, NOTHING HELP ME :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Hey @JeriThemes

i dont get notifications if someone answers on a thread without tagging me…

To your idea: I cant tell you if your idea is good or not. You are the designer of yor products. If you feel there is a need for this kind of products than go for it. But dont spend too much time. Maybe it can be hard rejected. I think you have to find out if your product is bad or good by producing and publishing it.

Thats all i can tell

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Many thanks :slight_smile: I start make my design now :slight_smile: Regards.


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