Is Gimp Better Than Photoshop?

From what l have read, and trying it myself not really.

The main issue with Gimp is it is 8 bit and Photoshop is at least 32 and 64 for newer versions.

Which means instead of the odd 13 million colors it is reduced to a lot less.

I would rather have as many colors and shades of that color that is possible.

But for hobbyists Gimp might be ok.


No. Photoshop is far away better. But it’s expensive

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From a value for money standpoint, it could be considered the same or better… but it’s definitely not better overall.

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No, tried Gimp, briefly and hated it.

It is a bit like Openoffice, (free) is to Microsoft Word, (not free) OO is climsy, but it works, and OS is much better, but not free.

Although OpenOffice is still a great free resource for creating PDF,s for free.


Developer Version Gimp 2.9.2 supports 8/16/32/64 bit colors

How much is that?