is FL Studio a good software to make songs for audiojungle?



i wanna learn how to make music and i wanna know what is the best software for a begginer to start working on it



The best DAW for work is an individual matter. The main thing is the convenience. But to understand this you have to try at least a couple of programs.

I chose Ableton live for the combination of simplicity and functionality. It was developed in cooperation with music producers and DJs and focuses on usability. If you planning to write electronic music, I highly recommend to pay attention to this DAW. Minimalistic interface and availability of free online lessons, will help you quickly learn the program.

As for FL Studio, I’ve seen a lot of producers that use it, and the result of their work is impressive. In the end, didn’t matter what DAW to use, the main thing is your talent, knowledge and experience and the professional sound quality you can get using third-party plugins.


I think that FL studio is cool for arrang when you work with vsti instruments, but for recording live instruments and mixing it’s horrible. :slight_smile:


FL Studio is an absolute dream to work with when it comes to MIDI sequencing and composing. It’s got the best piano roll editor out there as far as I’m concerned. Yes the recording system is a little rudimentary (and perhaps a bit dated), but I’ve never had any issues with mixing. I also love the playlist in FL, which makes it so easy to splice up tracks, make new arrangements and forge together edits. FL Studio is definitely more of a DAW for electionic music (as is Ableton), but that’s only really the target market. You can make almost anything with any DAW.

Pro Tools is considered the industry standard, but the fact is, any DAW will do the job. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and in the end, it’s up you to decide which one you feel most comfortable using. For many, their favourite DAW is the one they started off with and the one they’re most familiar with. That’s the case for me and I wouldn’t trade my beloved FL for anything else :slight_smile:

Try a couple of different demos, and ask yourself;

Which one inspires me the most to make something awesome?

Which one suits my workflow best?

Which one do I see myself producing in long term?

Many elitists love to rant about how certain DAWs “sound superior” and have “better audio engines”, but this is complete nonsense. Everything is processed digitally.

So rest assured that whatever piece of software you end up going with will be a good choice. :slight_smile:


I would love to be an “Elite” - no wait my bad wrong thread.


You will be soon. Then you may start ranting about superior audio engines to your heart’s content.



For me, FL has the easiest workflow in music producing. I produce a lot of Dance Music and it works well for EDM making. Just my experience :stuck_out_tongue:



Also, a massive part of your DAW and workflow will be all the added plugins you may want to purchase from companies like Native Instruments or Slate Digital or Waves etc etc etc. And all these plugins are programmed to suit any DAW. In fact the DAW is one of the cheapest things to buy; it’s the added plugins and sample libraries that eat up the budget!


Nothing beats Notator on Atari ST - best sound ever, so… vintage! :sunglasses:


When all I had was a nasty cassette recorder, I was dreaming about buying an Atari, but looking at this black and white screen capture, I don’t remember why! Looks like a business accounting program to me now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL, suddenly I hear 8 bits sound in my ears. 8bits motivation looks promising :stuck_out_tongue: