Is Envato true place to sell Game Assets exclusively?

I don’t know about circulation in this category on Envato. I just started to upload and didn’t sell yet but i need to know will i sell Exclusively or not? Which one is better in this category?

Game Assets is one of the newest categories, which I believe was added a few years ago.

Icons and UI elements seem to be the best selling items within the category. It’s hard to say if you should go exclusive, since there are other places that are more known for selling game assets, but at the same time, Envato is one of, if not the top place for people to buy graphic assets, so maybe the Game Assets category will grow and become more popular.

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hi this is hard to tell if there are better places anyway as i guess it depends on what kind of game assets u sell and how much traffic there is in other places and there for this and so on …

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