Is Envato on sellers side now?

Hi everyone, It has been a very long time that i have been a member of envato community a buyer and a seller from my other old account.

I have a serious issue here even envato is ignoring and not resolving!

I bought a script from CodeCanyon from the following author.

Later i found out that all this was a scam as the script is not working.

I got in touch with the author for support and he does not help he only replies 1 or 2 weeks late respond with an answer that does not resolve the problem and it is only 1 line email.

I checked the comments and most of the authors are complaining about the script yet envato is not doing anything about it.

The author is saying i will issue the new release soon and it has been over a year since he’s been saying that!!!

The reviews on all his products are 2-3 stars and tons of complains and is documents are a scam.

The most common issues with this script is the Whatsapp server goes offline all the time and scheduled messages are not being sent correctly and more

In his documents he start the node.js from the cpanel and quickly jumps to the back-end of the website and refresh the page knowing that the server will only be up and running for 1-2 minutes and it will go down again.

I have gotten in touch with Envato and they are asking me to get in touch with author and i have explained to them exactly what i going on but still not.


Envato i am asking you publicly here can you please disable and hide the item until the author fixes all the issue because right now without you doing anything he is taking advantage of buyers and customers and just taking our money and hard work.


Looking forward to hearing back from you

Best Regards

Contact Envato support and report the item

I did but no answer there nor action!

When did you create the ticket? Did you get any respond from the team?

They says get in touch with the author and i did and when i sent a screenshot of them and a lot of people complaining they did not respond and ignored my ticket. It is not a rocket science guys, check the comments and reviews and you will see too many angry customers for the bad product and service being provided and the scam the author is!

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Thank you, Does it have the same features like WaSender?

It depends on when you contacted support. If it’s less than a week, you’re not gonna solve the problem as well as other buyers need to contact for the report as well

This has been going on since December, January not less than a week! I am familiar with envato support they are just not taking the item down because it is making money and there’s bunch of comments complaining that the item is not working, reviews etccc, Envato is not the same as it used to be, before it was really really hard to pass the rejections until the item is working 100% now there is none of that. they just check the interface and tasing the demo without testing the script itself on their server and approve the item. Envato this is just sad for what you have become.

This is seriously out of control and Envato is not doing anything still. no respond from the author instead he just report my comments and wasting my time and i have support still but he is not providing me with support just wasting all customer support time and when support expired he says I cannot respond to customer that their support has expired. OMG! IS THERE ANYWHERE WE CAN REACH TO ENVATO TO TAKE THIS ITEM DOWN?

I have seen many customers complain about resting their license key but he does not want to, he asks them to renew support for $40 to rest their license key they bought for $69. Are you for real dude!!! Many other things to complain about not just bugs or customers service. the script itself is not working!!!

Only support through ticket system could help you but maybe @KingDog could suggest few more things. You could request refund and find another item.

@KingDog Can you please look into this item? Check the comments and the item itself is not working as well as i have opened couple tickets so far always being ignored!

This is just ridiculous he is flagging my comments right now all of them.

Answering the rest of question that has no technical relation!

Is this what Envato has become? Is there anyone that can help bring some justice here?

This guy is basically scamming people and envato is not doing anything. OMG!!

Even the whatsapp js files is obfuscated and the author refused to send unobfuscated files and the Envato support asking for support subscription for this

I am confused! What do you mean?

file whatsapp.js is obfuscated makes your hard for read the file and make modification

So basically the script is useless and not working and he is selling it!!

@collis What happened to envato Mate? Since you stepped back from the CEO, The customer service is terrible and the items that is being listed are none functional 100%.

I am talking about some of them and all they care about now is how much money envato is making, such a shame, Envato used to rock from 2006 to 2020 now it is terrible.

I was one of the very first member of Envato on FlashDen, PSD Tuts etcccc from my old accounts i even sold on almost all envato websites until i decided not to sell due to copycat and competition but i was always there for my customers and doing everything i can to help to resolve the issue.

Geez man seriously? Even support DO NOT CARE, Takes weeks to answer.


Check the comments section and the reviews, @AMCoders I am calling you out here, Shame on you for scamming your customers and never delivering what is promised on the demo not even fixing anything.

What is going on here? How come no one from Envato is doing anything?