Is Envato ok with Atomic CSS?

I am trying to develop a WordPress theme for Envato. According to the Envato theme submission rules, we have to use “human readable selectors” while writing CSS (see screenshot of the mentioned rule).

My question is; using “human readable selectors” rule destroying the chance to work with Atomic CSS? ( Because Atomic CSS’s selectors are like “Maw(1200px) Mx(a) My(0) Pt(35) Pos(r) Z(20) H(100%) Bxz(bb)”.

This is a mass market. The framework you choose is not important if they don’t bring any value to the buyers. You should stick with popular frameworks that are familiar to most buyers, which may be the most important reason that brings sales.
To some buyers, those CSS look like e=mc+sincos+tan20emc+*)(I_&OJOIH7887690i9u) (noone care about this formular, right?).

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It is bringing a value actually. Atomic CSS makes the CSS files too small without repetition. But if I keep walking on this way with Atomic Css, my theme may got a hard reject according to the “human readable selectors” rules. I just want to be sure there are others who use “not human readable selectors” selectors in their theme and approved.

I’ve never seen an item using Atomic or a similar method and would strongly suggest checking with support.

Either way I would think that using this is going to result in you alienating quite a large % of buyers esp. the “freelance developers”, as buyers often use templates to generate quick turnaround projects, and right or wrong, there is a learning curb involved in using Atomic to its full potential.

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You are so right. I never thought from this aspect. Thank you so much for your answer, it was very helpful.

I’ve been using SASS for years, never heard about Atomic CSS… and for me it seems really unfriendly.
I see no way how code written using this (“preprocessor”, or what it is) could be maintained or edited fast.
And inline styles often lead to rejections…

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