Is Envato Fallin Apart

Once upon a time, envato used to be one destination for all kind of themes/plugins/codes/apps

Starting this year, I have made about 5 purchase from envato and unfortunately all of them I regret.
The quality of products have decreased, support is negligible. There are 100’s of listing by lost authors and codes that was last updated in 2015.

I have 3 purchases were the authors confirmed they can not resolve the issue and agreed to refund. I even got email from envato that the refund is processed. But even after months I dont see the amount. All my contact to envato or the author has gone unheard.
Yesterday, I again purchased a theme which claimed to have few features, which I found to be missing. Now they say that I will need to install different plugin for those features. Then why that theme?
And envato is not bothered having authors list false claim of features.

Envato has started a cleanup process where they’re removing ld and unsupported items, but given the size of the market, this takes quite a while.

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