Is Envato elements Annual membership worth buying?

Is Envato elements Annual membership worth buying? Please give your suggestion wheter I should buy it or not?

It depends on what you expect from Elements. You can save 34% if you buy annual membership, that’s all difference as far as I understand…

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Hi @cluesarena

It is worth buying if you want multiple themes, templates at less price but you must be knowledgeable to use them because you will not get any kind of support for items purchased through elements.

I hope it clears your doubt.

Thank you


My experience hasn’t been great so far. I started with a few Wordpress themes for personal projects to get a feel for what would be worth recommending to paying clients, and haven’t yet come across a theme that didn’t have showstopping issues.

Developers seem to have put themes onto Elements for what they consider “promotional” purposes. They aren’t making much from the platform (some have said as little as $1 profit per download), and it’s had a knock-on effect of not just withholding support from Elements customers, but locking behind paywalls much of the previously useful comment exchanges which made support tickets unnecessary in many cases. So it’s actually made life harder for potential customers as well as developers, I think. Developers are certainly working on the assumption that if you want their products, you should pay separately.

So I’d evaluate your membership on the other elements apart from themes, on that basis.


I’m about to cancel mine. I’ve had 1 in 5 of the themes that actually work. Most that say they come bundled with plugins will require you spend more $. Thus far I’ve gotten use out of the images and that’s about it.


I recently canceled my subscription ($19) a month. Multiple files that I downloaded had issues/ didn’t feel like what was represented. The majority of the things on there you can get from other places for free or cheap. For me, it is much more cost effective to just pay for something in Envato when I need it vs. a monthly subscription. I do love Envato though!

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NO! Once they have you locked into an annual subscription, the quality of customer service declines.