Is envato auto rejecting my items?

is envato auto rejecting my items? they are all rejected i dont know why…

There is no auto rejecting, it’s always looked at by a reviewer. You just haven’t quite got to the standard needed yet. Keep working and learning and you’ll get there.

Thx, can u tell whats missing with my items?

It’s a bit tough category, so it’s a matter of comparative quality not the item quality it self, you items seems to be ncie, well designed, but you may reconsider more professional touch, and more details, look at the flyers of some of the authors they are clean but detailed, had paid attention on spacing and managing spaces if filled, etc. apart you may try another category as well

im not a wow designer but i looked at some of the flyers of other authors and some of them rly have very simple design and seeing my flyers being rejected can be disappointing