Is Envato Australia or USA based company?

We recieved an Email from Envato today that they will stop using Skrill as a payment option because Envato is Australia based company.
Why do we pay USA taxes than? I mean every time an USA customers buy something some money is deduced from our earnings on the grounds that Envato is now based in USA and that we should pay tax for every item sold to USA citizens.
Little clarification here would be due I think


What Am I missing?

I think Envato is an Australia company but they had to open USA branch in order to give some advantages to US customers (such as debit/credit card payment). This is how i see it.

Envato is Australia based for non-US sales and US based for US sales. Gross simplification, but that’s what it comes down to.

And actually almost all countries have tax treats with USA. Those treats make possible to exclude -already and automatic payed taxes for USA sales- from -taxes payed in future in your country- .

Not very clear to be honest

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Is nobody else bothered by this?

When (if) you own a company outside of USA and your main customers are from there, then you’ll understand how much money you are loosing in taxes and all the complication involved, just google it! :wink:

I think it boils down to them operating in more than one country so they have to follow the rules of more than one country. It’s obviously a little bit more complex than that, as if there’s one rule for one country and a different one for another… which rule to follow… but that’s the general gist of it.