Is Envato 4.4 Compatible with Wordpress 5.6.1?

Pages are loading slowly after WP update to 5.6.1 especially home page. Are these compatible?

Thank you

What is Envato 4.4? Are you talking about a theme?

What version were you on before 5.6.1?

Typically sluggish websiutes is a server issue more than anyhting esp as that update (unless you skipped a few) was not that big

Sorry, am using Enfold Theme … was on WP version 4.??? before

Enfold 4.4. was from 2018. You need to be using an up to date copy for compatibility, security etc.

That said there is still a good chance that the slow response is as much server related as the theme

Thank you but Enfold says it says it is up to date at Version 4.4 and no updates are available??

If you check the theme details page you will see:
Oct. 5th 2020 – Version

Also you can ask any technical query directly to the theme author.
How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query:


Are you sure it is 4.4 and not

Ok, I will do that and thank you very much. You’ve been very helpful after a long updating/sorting out day :slight_smile:

Have a great night, Paul

You’ll have to get in touch with the author for more on the matter.

Hi, I woke up to a blank site this morning except for this error code after everything from yesterday.

Not Found [CFN #0005]

Would you have any ideas on this one?

Many thanks (again) in advance,


Follow this link to get in touch with the author of the product → How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

Please re-saving your permalink structure from Admin panel => Settings => Permalinks
Hope your site will be live.


I had to do a server rollback and need to re-build my site. How would I get the latest Enfold version to use for my new re-build (same domain)?

Many thanks in advance,