is email like this scam?

Hello All,

i just got email something like this :

Dear novarostudio,
We’ve reviewed your account on Envato for violating the rules of use Envato. Immediate confirmation e-mail you soon!

Verify Now :

To avoid violating the rules of good

This email was sent from evantomarket through your profile contact form on Envato Market.

If you need to verify that this user is a customer of yours, visit &message_type=pm
The purchase data shown in this link will be visible for 7 days.

You can reply directly to this email to respond to evantomarket

Psst! Remember - this is not a marketing email. Since you have an Envato Account, we want to keep you informed about transactions, operational updates or changes to our websites.

is this scam? does anyone get something like this?

99% yes:

  • envato would never send you a link in an email
  • is not an email I have ever seen here
  • the English is horrific

DO NOT click it - instead let envato support know here

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100% Yes.


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Please ban this scum.

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User has been disabled. Thanks!

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