Is Demo Content harmful for my SEO?

Hey! I have purchased multiples theme from Envato and when I install it on WordPress, I import the DEMO Data. Once, I use a plagiarism checker and find that the content is plagiarized.
However, I just want to know is it bad for my SEO as duplicate content is bad for SEO?

I doubt it makes that much difference but it will never be beneficial because demo content is not going to be aligned, relevant or using keywords relating to your website or business

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Why would you ever wanted to have a demo content on your final site? Demo content is just to help you set up your site faster, but you should get rid of it before you go live.

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First of all, you should avoid using demo content and if you still want to use it, you shouldn’t allow the robot.txt to index it in search engine. If you think your content is plagiarized, you should go for an authentic plagiarism checker. I would recommend Copyscape, Quetext, and Check-Plagiarism. You can use any of these to find duplicate Content.