Is Child theme functionality obsolete with the new theme requirements?

Hi - the author of the theme I use claims that the Child themes will only work with functions.php and styles.css. Is this true or did they misinterpret something?

I replaced the name of the theme with [mytheme] for privacy, but here is the claim:

Most of the theme files were moved into the [mytheme] plugin as per the requirements of Envato: Moving forward with such requirements, a child theme will only work with functions.php, and style.css, as there are very few files left in the main theme as Envato, requires all functionality to be added through plugins.

Child themes always required just the functions.php and style.css (and screenshot image) to work. That has nothing to do with the new theme requirements.

What they mean is that those are the ONLY two files we can have in the Child theme, whereas before the Child theme worked like this:

any file you add to your child theme will overwrite the same file in the parent theme .

For example, if you wanted to change the code of the parent theme’s header.php file, you would copy the file to your child theme folder and customize it there.

Now, in the example above, that header.php file will not be found. Therefore the Child theme functionality no longer works as it used to.

That seems wrong to me. Is it possible to meet Envato’s new requirements and still have the Child theme function as it used to?

any file you add to your child theme will overwrite the same file in the parent theme
That is not really true, this apply only to template files.

However, the header.php is one of those template files, so unless they removed it from the parent theme, this still must work. And removing it from the parent theme doesn’t make any sense.

Envato requirements have no negative effect over child themes, quite opposite, they encourage you to follow the best standards which makes customization via a child theme much more easier as a result.

Anyway, this whole conversation feels bit out of context. It seems like either you somehow misunderstood what that author meant, or that author completely misunderstood Envato requirements. Also, you can test the theme with this plugin and see for yourself if it has any serious issues.

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The author completely misunderstood the Envato requirements. They moved all the template files into the wp-content/plugins/ directory, and expect us to modify there which means modifications will be lost with any update to the theme. This is not ideal.

The author states that they are not required to offer a child theme, which is another example of them not understanding Envato requirements. Even if they are not required to supply one, they should not disable the functionality - which is what they have done.

Thanks for your help.

If this is true, then I would say ask for a refund and go with a different theme. If author refuses to refund you, then contact Envato Help with this. While authors do not have to provide child themes, child theme has to work properly. If you don’t mind, send me a PM with the URL to that theme please.