Is base64_encode allowed on a WordPress plugin?


I am preparing a plugin to submit in the marketplace and third party scripts like reCaptcha uses base64_encode and the plugin checker displays warnings for the same. Is this acceptable by the review team or not.

Mohit Aneja

I see no reason why they wouldn’t accept it, simply because there is no reason against it.

The fact that base64_* is used to encode harmful strings doesn’t mean you will do the same. Also there are cases when you really need to use it, like when transporting html over the wire in an api environment, or things like this.

Just go ahead with it if you are not doing nasty things :slight_smile:

I saw themes using this; I guess it’s allowed.

Yup, I guess it should be. Because if its not, then no plugin can use open source libraries like reCaptcha or Facebook Hybrid Auth.

I’ll keep that intact and share this in my comments while submitting the item. Let’s see what the review team say about this.

Thank you for your relies.

It is accepted on Envato marketplaces and it’s not considered a reason for rejection.

The base64_* functions are, however, forbidden for the Wordpress plugin directory. So, Wordpress review team will probably reject your submission if you use any of these functions.

Also, when verifying with Plugin checker, or Theme checker it will display a warning asking you to remove those functions. Don’t worry about it. This is because those plugins are strictly following wordpress guidelines.