Is author support really this terrible?


I’m an author on CodeCanyon and I often have customers replying that they are amazed by the support I offer. I don’t say this to brag or anything, I say this because to be honest I find this quite disconcerting. It indicates to me they have almost zero support expectations.

I’m not doing anything crazy at all (at least I think), I mostly reply within a business day (maybe two), and try to help customers along to the best of my abilities, I send a code snippet if needed, and if a product purchase is made in error or the product does not work in the setting the customer wants to use it in I often reimburse the purchase.

If customers expect terrible support, that makes me wonder how that expectation would impact sales figures. So, what are your experiences with support? Do you as a customer feel hesitant to purchase on CodeCanyon? If so, how can I, as an author, assure you on my product pages that you are in good hands?

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There are of course customers that have bad experience with other authors/places and are amazed that actually there is some kind of support out there. In my opinion however It’s not that customers expect terrible support, some people are simply grateful despite the fact they already paid for a product.



Thanks for replying @lucalogos, I would think that as a customer you’d expect support to be part of a product. Maybe this differs around the globe.