Is Audiojungle becoming more difficult to get sales?

I joined in 2011 and have had a few sales, I’m planning to upload more regularly now though…

for those around at the beginning 2008-2009 was it easier to get sales due to a lower membership?

When did it really take off?

Just curious


Hi! I’m actually new here, but there is some observations: continous and not very transparent search algorithm changes lead to non-predictable sales statistics; invasion (don’t really know more suitable word) of new authors (yeah i’m the one of them) makes the market more oversaturated and overcrowded; AJ’s disappearance from the first page of Google search results makes AJ loose visits and customers (here’s some statistics). Also you may check the Sales Monitor thread and see the moaning and complains. These all are the bad news. The good ones are that many and many people are selling their stuff, making money and feeling good. There are actually some lucky folks who make hundreds of sales in several months with one ore two tracks. So it’s all looks like a lottery and marathon and the same time. I hope this all this thoughts can help you. (I beg your pardon for my english)

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Thanks for the reply.
It’s difficult to predict the future, but only lots of work will find out in this game, like most things?
I live by the don’t give up… quite yet… motto.


Yeah, I think hope, hard work and persistence can give some good results after all. Good luck!

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Every author wishes he was here back then. So, of course. But that’s so long ago, those were different times altogether, one could even say a “different” internet. What’s more interesting that it’s probably more difficult to get sales now than in 2014.


Thanks for the replies.

Hi @anon84261621, I think it’s a bit of a numbers game. The more stuff you upload the more likely you’ll attract some attention. I’m only new to AJ (as far as uploading tracks), with 7 songs in my portfolio and hopefully another one being approved soon, but so far in four months I’ve had four sales. Sure, it’s not huge but I’m gonna keep plodding along and uploading quality stuff in the hope that one of my tracks hits the mark and ether starts trending or becomes a featured file.

It’s easy to get envious of the guys who are hitting the jackpot but if you keep at it you have a much better chance than if you give up.

Best of luck.


The short answer is:
Yes, it is much more difficult to get sales, I’m here since 2009 :wink:

The bigger Envato gets, the more authors fade away… my graph sometimes surprise me a little bit but nothing serious compare to what I used to sale.

It is not related to AudioJungle, but to any Envato marketplace I know this since I’m also an author of the others and besides it works on the same system.
The bigger the Factory is, the smaller chance to notice the small stores (Authors).

Unfortunately it is going to be more and more difficult unless Envato will change their system but I don’t see this happen since Envato don’t care how or from what Author they earn their money as long as they sale.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m not using only Envato as I used to, but I use other market places who actually bring me many sales so I’m happy with the sales in general.

Anyways, best of luck :slight_smile:


I quite agree!

Interesting comments… what other market places do you use?

If you mean outside Envato, links are not permitted thanks :slight_smile:

The internet is a weird thing, right? As long as someone keeps paying for bandwidth, you have products and services that can exist indefinitely, so on long time scales, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. But of course one should consider that the consumption (and production) of music is centered around trends, so that old works and old artists tend to fade away, as the genres and styles they work in pass out of favor. Thus far, stock music trends haven’t changed much in the 2000’s, as you tend to hear the same kind of music on ads that you did 10 years ago, but eventually this sound will fall out of favor for something new and different, and that’s where opportunity will exist for new authors to come in and start stealing real market share.

The other thing people can do is attempt to produce music that will stand the test of time and weather trends, but of course that is harder to do and yields a much slower rate of return.

And yes, of course authors should consistently examine the market as a whole (beyond Envato) and see which companies are waxing and waning, to better position themselves and their products in the market place.

I just think the system is broke. You can write some really good tracks but once they’ve past their few days near the top of the new files, they get lost in the ether. I started here last month and managed to get 23 sales so far but I’m not particularly impressed at Envato’s model. I might shop around some of the other libraries and see if I have any more luck.

Your last sale was $19 23 days ago.
It is so inspiring :slight_smile:


Definetely. I haven’t been around in 2009 yet. I whish I had joined tough! :slight_smile: