Is audiojungle a good place to sell game music?

Hi to all musicians here. I do music packs and I sell them to various asset markets. I decided to give audiojungle a chance so I started uploading my best seller pack. First track got accepted and the second rejected. Still waiting for the other 3. But what is the point of selling half the pack (usually 12 tracks). So I am not sure if this is a good idea.

I think that would be a good idea, anyway.

I’m going to have to say no.

If you’re new to writing game music, you might want to check out the Game Audio Network Guild ( for more information about audio and music for that industry. It’s different than the usual stock music situation.

I’m not aware of any companies making console games (Xbox, PS4, etc.) that would purchase royalty free music on a regular basis. They usually hire a music composer for the main themes and the “in-game” interactive (aka: adaptive) music. For incidental music, like something that is supposed to be on playing on a radio, at a club or bar, etc. they do often license music, but usually from the top music libraries or a major label publisher. You might get some small companies with small budgets licensing inexpensive RF music, but established and “likely to make it” game companies aren’t likely to show up here because they have good budgets and can afford sold tracks from major libraries, sometimes under a blanket agreement.

As for cellphone game apps that use music, it’s likely to be the same scenario since most of the music in games involves original themes and interactive/adaptive cues.

I know personally some mobile game developers who buy music from Aj.