Is anyone with knowledge encouraged to respond?

Why does it take so long to approve a project made in Apple Motion? While in the AE they get to approve more than 40 in a single day. It’s already difficult to have people with knowledge at Apple Motion, and still leave us waiting so long to have a revised project ?! How absurd! I have projects in the queue for review 9 days ago. Are the same AE reviewers who review Motion as well? If yes, what knowledge do they have to open a project in Motion and understand what was done? Do they know how to work with Rig or Behaviors? Or just analyze the presentation video without knowing the techniques that were used? Since my last project approved on Motion on January 12, only 5 have been approved since. Please team ENVATO, give a little more respect to those who know a little more than just After Effects, where every day are approved dozens of projects that look more like the continuity of others are already for sale. I invented to do an AE project, and the same day someone bought and asked for a chargeback and then there was the project for free on the internet. Respect who wants to buy animations ready for Final Cut. And there’s no point in coming Moderator with mechanical (automatic) answer to my question. Someone please, with moral knowledge about Apple Motion, answer me the question :wink:

The Apple Motion review times are usually identical to AE review times, usually somewhere between 3-7 days:

Motion projects don’t exist in their own queue, they come through along with AE templates, so they are reviewed once they get to the top of the list.

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Queue of what ?! What part of the text did you not understand, my friend? See how many AE projects are approved daily since January 12. And look at Apple Motion … You’re not quite fit to answer my questions, by the way.

Someone please, for God’s sake, answer me? In e-mails where they “try” to justify why your project is rejected, tell us to participate in the forum. But what forum is this where nobody says anything and only visualize ?!

Oh my god demanding answers like anyone owes you anything, and then calling an ACTUAL REVIEWER not suitable to answer questions about the reviewing process.

I like you, friend, you’re off to a good start :slight_smile:


My friend, of the sales I have made, more than half of my work is deducted. So the least they should do, is to be fair to anyone who wants to continue to create and sell their work. I have the right as well as anyone to want answers regarding this silence from the Envato team. Always receiving the same answer as justification for rejection is wrong. It really is very complicated for you to have enthusiasm to continue something.

Your comment began with the following question, so I answered it:

The rest of your original comment was mostly rambling and incoherent, so I disregarded it.

Not only am I the Senior Videohive Reviewer, but I’m the only reviewer for the Apple Motion category.

If you’re wondering why so little Apple Motion projects are accepted, its because there is a very small group of authors actually creating content for the Motion category. It has nothing to do with Envato, Videohive, or the review team.

I would guess the main reason why there are so little Motion projects is becasue the majority of the professional video industry uses Adobe products (i.e After Effects). For most Videohive authors, the AE category is far more lucrative and worthy of the time investment.

Hope that helps!


They dont take more than half, they take less. The more you sell, the less they take, so there’s your incentive.

Now I know you’re mad cause you get your work rejected, but you don’t barge in swinging your arms and demanding answers that you’re not entitled to. So wipe your tears, pick yourself up and move on


Now, yes … Thank you for being transparent :wink:

Always receiving the same answer as justification for rejection, is only wrong if the answer is incorrect.


Dude I always imagine you as some sort of buddhist monk when you stay stuff like that hahaha, I love it