Is anyone ever going to push the envelope? PLEASE! BRING THE "A" GAME!

Curious, I check this site EVERY SINGLE DAY looking for that WOW AE template. That $50+ template and they are non existant. I used to hold Videohive in high regard I have no problem paying for quality but I am NOT seeing it. All it is, is slideshows, logo stings. WOW ME!! Go all out I challenge you!! Make me go broke from purchasing your templates. I am a consumer looking for AMAZING after effects templates. Element 3D, motion tracking, scary, dark, epic! Please! I know you guys are out there! Show me what you got! I want to purchase!

Give the folks a bar to reach for :smiley:

Give us some examples of the standard you’re looking for. :wink:

I am looking for Dark, Creepy, Mysterious, (Ie: Phantazma Pictures) I am BIG BIG BIG into Horror-esq. I will pay! I know everyone here puts in the work. I appreciate EVERYONE’S efforts. but I want WOW factor… I know there are people on here that CAN do it. I challenge them :slight_smile: Like I said there is no price that is to steep for me if the product is there. I need to be WOW’ed …PWMA also made some amazing trailers with his blockbuster trailers. but it seems like everyone is either nervous or scared to showcase their talents here…I am a consumer and I would LOVE to see the WOW factor back with Videohive. Thanks!! :slight_smile: