Is anyone else having issues with RevSlider or VC?



I had updated RS from v5.2.0 to v5.2.1 and the error “bbp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly. The current user is being initialized without using $wp->init().” have been occurring on both of frontend and backend. I tested in TwentyFifteen theme with only RS and VC plugins. It’s so mysterious! When I deactivated one of them, the debugging notice was gone. I submitted a ticket already to ThemePunch support ticket system, but it’s too urgent issue for me to wait for a long time. It’s only I that mentioned the issue, so I wonder there is anyone else who suffering the same issue with mine. I updated RS to v5.2.2 yesterday, but the issue still happens. It makes my theme stop rendering the rest, and I cannot turn DEBUG mode off as I’m developing my own theme.


Hi, this is actually a function native to the bbPress plugin, and a quick scan of both the newest RevSliver and VC versions seems to indicate that neither plugin is actually using/calling that function.


Thanks. I know that, But bbPress is nearly essential plugin included in TF theme items and all the themes and plugins should not occur the debugging notice. It seems that the notice has something to do with "?> " PHP tags with some white-spaces following them. And all the plugins or themes on the marketplaces have to remove any of those notices(which create server error logs) for TF theme submission requirements. So I should eliminate the notice. It is from the latest versions of RS or VC plugins, so the issue must be fixed in those plugin. The notice is almost an error. Because it makes the page stop rendering and the page is broken, and creates server error log file. The bbPress notification function is not wrong, so I think that any of CodeCanyon plugin authors must fix the error on their plugin.