is anyone else having issues with envato taking your money and not providing products?

21 days ago, I bought mailster and 2 email templates.

From the start the links from the email plugins were not valid. I couldn’t get anyone to reply so I started paypal dispute.

Finally when they replied, they said I had to cancel the disputes, that they don’t bother responding to paypal to, before they could “help me”. That seemed sneaky to me so I only canceled one. Their response was I had to cancel both of them.

In the meantime, I had first installed mailster on my staged site, although that is as far as I got since I was working on other things. I kept getting a message I had not put my google id in, when I had, 3 times. I get a response that I needed to try to some steps, that didn’t work.

When I tried to activate it on my live site, it said my license was already activated and I needed to go to my account and delete it and get a new one. Problem is, when you dispute a charge they lock your account, so I couldn’t do that.

Finally 3 days ago out of desperation to be able to use the products I paid for 3 weeks ago, I gave into their demands and canceled paypal disputes. Surprise there has been no reply.

From what I can tell envato is a shady company just takes your money & sucks at customer service.

If you want a refund you should do it via official channels. Disputing via payPal will lead to suspending of your account.

Also, support for products is provided by author of the item, not Envato. Have you tried to contact that author via right channels? Have you waited long enough for their reply? Is the item you bought even marked as being supported?
You’ve complicated everything by disputing it via PayPal.

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