Is AlpineJS allowed to be used for CodeCanyon item?

Hi, NewBie here … I’m in the process of completing my first PHP Script item. My item builts using the Laravel framework and several JavaScript libraries, one of them is AlpineJS.

What I want to ask here is whether the use of AlpineJS is allowed for CodeCanyon items? Will using AlpineJS cause items to be rejected? because some AlpineJS attributes such as ‘x-’ prefix, ‘@click’ or ‘:class’ are marked as errors in W3C validation.

I tried to find a topic that mentioned AlpineJS here, there’re 2 topics that mentioned the use of AlpineJS in their apps and both were hard-rejected …


There’s no specific information regarding to if you could use AplineJS or not but W3C validation may be required for all templated.

If your template is good enough, you would get soft-reject instead of hard and you will be asked to fix the issues before approval

Hi Ki-Themes thank you for your response. Unfortunately, as you said, there is no definite reference on this matter

I guess I’ll try to keep AlpineJS included in my items, because I’ve just seen quite a lot of CodeCanyon items that also use it, whether they mention it or not in their item details, and accepted, while there were lots of error flags related to this when I tried to validate their demo in the W3C Validator.

But what is a bit worrying for me is the possibility of different opinions about this from different reviewers, so this could be accepted or it could be hard rejected.

Hi @KingDog … very sorry to bother you, maybe you have any information about this?


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If there’s any information, it’s here in public:

Thanks @ki-themes :slightly_smiling_face: