Is AJ a right place for a filmmakers?

Hi, Colleagues! An important thing for me: Is AJ a right place for a filmmakers and documentary makers? Or this place basically for a corporations, commercial advertising, bloggers and less - amateur video makers, and timelapsers and gamers who needs in Epic “boom-boom” for theirs videos? It seems that a filmmakers and a documentary makers are not an often guests of AudioJungle. What do you know about it? Thanks for the thoughts!


It depends on category. But true - AJ is focused on tracks with the highest commercial value so in some categories it’s very hard to find something special or even different than “typical” tracks.

But still - there are many categories with great and creative tracks and low number of commercial crap.

And yes - in my opinion Envato should make something to keep filmmakers stay with us.


Professional filmmakers use music from production and trailer music libraries or hire composers for a project. They don’t use the royalty-free market. :slight_smile:

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I hope on it! :slight_smile:

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I’m not a seller here, so I can objectively say, no… AJ is not a good place to find music for films. You’ll find appropriate tracks a lot more quickly and easily on production music library sites as opposed to royalty free marketplaces like AJ. Hiring a composer is probably better if you’re looking for a customized score, but there are actually times where the right combination of library tracks will work as well.