Is 2 $ too little for a 2min song?

Well, I’m non exclusive, and I’m not from America,so when an American buys a song 2$ is what I get for my hard work. Isn’t that a little embarrassing for Envato? I mean really…Could they not just set minimum at a little more decent 5 $ so that you can’t get less than 5 $ or even 4$ for that matter… I mean 2$ ? for a song? really?


you have a song or sound ?
give me a link )

What do you mean? Song of course,what link?

This appears to be a tax issue, not an Envato issue. Doesn’t your country have a tax treaty with the US? In any case, if you want to get a larger share Envato would have to raise the price upfront or change the exclusivity rules for some authors which doesn’t really make sense.

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This is sad, man.

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