Is 10 sec teaser of final video project considered as 'multiple use'?

Hi there! I’d like to make a video for my song, to upload it on Youtube and post in socials.
But before the release of the video it’s generally accepted to post a sort of a teaser (10-12 sec) as a part of future video, in order to tease fans.
I need video templates from Envato Elements site only for single use (final video project). I wonder does the making teaser considered as second use therefore I have to buy “multiple use” license?

Hi @helen_mirrow,

Are you talking about VideoHive or Envato Elements? There are no single or multiple use licenses available on Elements, it is always unlimited (but only for projects completed while your subscription is active).

If you are referring to VideoHive licenses, the single-use license allows for certain types of variations without needing to upgrade the license – this includes teasers. According to the license FAQ:

What are allowed variations of a single application?

  • Translations - the same end product simply translated into a different language (e.g. alternate text or alternate voiceover)

  • Cut-downs - a shortened version of an end product where no new content has been added (e.g. a 15 second “teaser” version of a film trailer)

  • Tag changes - minor revisions to text or content (e.g. changing “Coming Soon” to “Now Showing”)