Iranian Developers

Hello guys

I am an Iranian designer and programmer
I wanted to know in Envato, I can sell the WordPress template I've designed ?

Thanks for Your HELP !

If you live in Iran, then no. If you are Iranian but live in the UK, then yes.

The US (where Envato operates) has trade sanctions with Iran.

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Thanks Bro

I lived in UK but now I have returned to Iran for 6 months.
My father is sick and I may stay in Iran for 6 to 7 months

I'm in London and I've got a credit card

Do you think Envato has a problem with my position?

If you’re in Iran, yes. But when you return to Londinium, they will welcome you with open arms.

Do you have a person in London who you can trust? If yes, then I see no problem, he can upload your items for you and created an application for withdrawal of funds to your credit card. So, you can easily manage your affairs remotely through him, without violating the rules.