iPress Displays


Few Questions:

  1. I deactivated some of the blocks from the demo while playing around with how I wanted my site to look. The Music, TV, Travel, with the 1 highlighted story on the left and the 3 on the right, or the bar that scrolls like in TV, how do I get those back once I re-activate the blocks and put them back in the Main Content section? Nothing shows up anymore. And what settings should I have when I got to the Displays section for Blocks? This is the example. http://drupalet.com/demothemes/?theme=Ipress

  2. In that same theme and example link, I’ve done something similar to the main top news section. I have a Top News block and a Header block TOP NEWS and multiple times when I’m adjusting things I’ve managed to unformat the top section with the 3 main stories and it takes me forever to figure out what I did. Which of these should I use and which settings?

  3. Rather than this static main feature section, is there a way to have a rotating carousel or slideshow?