iPhone users: have you got the iOS 9 update? We haven't yet :(

As many of you already may know, we’re iOS developers, and today should the official iOS 9 update should be available, but we’re located in Italy and so far it’s not available.
We’re just wondering if it’s available in the US or other countries, since Italy comes always last :frowning:

I have read that it will be available over here (Netherlands) at 7 PM but I can’t guarantee you that this is true, I think it is just a matter of time :smile:

Thanks, it’s available here now, although we can’t download it yet, it gives an error (too many download request to the server :smile:

Downloaded on my iPhone and iPad :smiley:

I got the error for first 30 mins only… may be server too loaded that time.

finally got it :smile:

Took us 4 attempts to install

at least 10 attempts to us, but we’ve finally made it