ioncube or not allowed in this case

Actually im working on a new project that in fact i hesitate to put on sale on code canyon due to the fact that we are limited in how we can protect our work with tool like ioncube.

my question is

If i sell my main script on code canyon that will work without the need of ioncube for installing it or use it and that will
offer all the feature available to the customer.

in the other hand my script offer the ability of adding content to it such as addons then my question is if i want to give those addons as a free bonus on my end and " NOT ASK CUSTOMER TO PAY FOR THEM " i should be able to require
them to use ioncube to run those addons since they are not part of the system that is actually sold on code canyon.
In fact those addons are only extra content that buyers can download or not as their discretion.
The point on this is that user can still enjoy full script functionality without limitation but to use my free addons that are provided on my own they have to use ioncube to run those addons part.

Then what you think of this ?

You can’t use ioncube on any of the main files which will be distributed on CodeCanyon. If you are going to distribute those plugins elsewhere, they obviously won’t be regulated.

Just make sure you notify buyers that they won’t be able to see the plugin source code since a lot of CC users buy whole scripts to edit and modify them. You’ll lose these customers, FYI.

Im actually ready to lose customer that are not ready to help me to protect my work that is for sure. But at the end even addons are editable the only part im thinking of use ioncube on are the settings saving part of those addons that 99.999999999% of customer never toutch anyway for the other part everything should be accessible and editable.