io sono quì DSideA2 ^^

Hi everyone
I’m new to this community ^^
I’ve been working in graphics for a few years and now I’m very interested in digital artistic solutions.
For now, I greet everyone and thank for inspirations and new communication possibilities and interested in collaborations

benvenuto in GR :slight_smile:

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UN’ italiano
I like your profile artwork
if you can help me about the quality of works ?
My first update was no good and isn’t at the quality standard required … : - (
Thnk a lot , for possible help .

My English is no good
however …

ho studiato l inglese , lo spagnolo e l italiano cuando ero giovane lol , ma molto tempo fa e no mi ricordo niente, davvero lol o un po, solo lol dimme come si puo aiutarti. Sara molto piu facile spiegarti in inglese lol

I’d like to learn about the quality of the graphics produced for envato.
I try to explain myself well
The graphic productions on envato have a target of reference.
This target then, is registered on specific sectors.
I like working with creativity, but at the moment I need not “escape” from specific sectoral realities.
Specifically, I really like abstraction, personalized illustration, and even more specifically today 's reality of Street Art and everything that goes around in it.
If you have any links or inspirations that can help me.
I do not know if I have been synthetic and precise.
However I use the manual drawing applied to the graphic sector.
Using the classic 2d graphics programs.
Thank you

this is hard to tell , even if u are in a category , u do not know what standards are …