Invoices on Envato Marketplaces

I wondering how work the invoices on Envato marketplaces. I bought the item, but in the “History” no invoice is issued for the purchase of items. Invoices only work for purchase deposits? If I want to let me pay earned money from Envato, I have to issue an invoice for the Envato market, or Envato issue an invoice? If Envato issue invoice, then invoice serial number will not match for my serial numbers of issued invoices. How does it work? Thanks for reply!

you can find your invoices here, it should show them for both types of payment, deposit and straight purchase

I know where the invoice should be, but there does not display any invoice for the purchase of items.

I can’t find my invoices either. Just a 404 page when I follow the link.

Your invoices for purchased items will be on you statement page.

Hi! In the invoice appears the incomplete address to how I have it in the profile, could you help me?

I need my invoice too.

no invoices! Wild West!

hehehehehe you can find your invoices when you check your profile, you can download invoice, documentation etc. Check your download section.

I’m wandering around here looking for invoices too! Nothing under statements and nothing under the download section!

Where are my invoices?

Does anyone know?

Why is this marked ‘solved’? It is clearly not solved!

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I’m searching the invoices too. Your attached invoices show a different amount than what got billed over paypal… super strange!

Please assist to help me find the invoices I need for my taxes…

Found it under statement. But its still super confusing is the vat the german 19% or is it a different EU Vat?