Invoice System Php Hard rejected Please help me out

Good day all, I have a php script which I uploaded on codecayon but, this script is always hard rejected. This script is all about invoice system and accounting, Can you help me to check what I lack and why its been rejected.
Here is the details to the website

password: Admin1234

Your response will be highly appreciated.
Please assist me and share with me some ideas because am a fresh developer and this is my first project


Typography is a big issue - the links on the admin panel left hand side bar jump all over the place when looking at them on desktop using Firefox.

It took a while to load up the site - that might be due to server issues but I don’t expect to have to wait to see pages :slight_smile:

Some of the text is very small and to be honest it looks very similar to other scripts I’ve seen already for sale.

Saying all this, let other users leave comments for you too and see what the solutions might be. Have a nice day!

Thank you for your comment, upon checking on mozila and Firefox everything seems fine, the link jumps all over the place, what do you mean by that so that I can correct it, do you mean when hover on it, it jumps up and down?. that is the effect I placed on hover function. Secondly, it takes 0.2sec to load, maybe there is an issue with your internet. And for the font, I used font 14 which should be okay enough as I don’t want the text to be too big. Appreciate your effort in assisting me.


Just trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

On the point of link jumping yes you are correct that I meant the effect you placed on the hover function - ditch that effect it looks terrible.

The load time was 7.9 seconds - our internet is fibre optics and and what I meant by that comment was when I look at any website, any theme if it doesn’t show up on the page quick then I’m already bored waitng for it to load. That might sound hugely unfair but people expect pages to load quickly wherever they might be in the world.

On font sizing, again see the screenshot below - I’m viewing this on a desktop.

I’m not saying it’s rubbish - these were the points I noticed my friend.

Maybe try changing some font styles - that might help.

Thanks so much, am glad for your comment. And am glad you can give me some idea, to be honest with you, this will be my first project and I know it can’t be 100% perfect my dream was to be adjusting it bit baby bit until it become a wonderful project. It might be similar with other once on this platform but I am still coming with much difference when the project is acceptable.I will make some research and see how I can make changes to the errors which you have identified.

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Good-evening, I have made some corrections to the font sizing and also the hover effect, can you help me to check it out?


Much better :slight_smile: I have checked the theme options too because when I first logged in it was yellow!!!

Which is not the default theme - so I was unsure why that colour (color) came up first.

My attention to detail (and its only my own comments) would be to look at maintaining formatting across all the tabs equally.

Settings > Company Profile
Settings > Email Configuration

Look at the two screenshots and you will see what I mean where it says Business Details on one page, and then Email Configuration on the other page. There is a difference in font, style size

Noted with thanks, thank you for your assistance.

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@delyn12 you’re welcome :slight_smile: