Invoice Process


Good Morning,

On last purchase (Cotton Theme), I could not have the invoice, with the information that I need. Probably I did something wrong … [:(]

Now I will choice another wordpress template to buy.

So, is it possible in the purchase process, request the invoice, with the data of my company, including NIF?

Or I need ask it for other place?

Plase look my complet profile in “tcd” in order to know if it is correct. There, no have space to put NIF code…

Thank you in advance



Hi Augusto,

Envato provides simple invoice format for us. Go to your “History” page to get your invoices,

But, if you requires custom invoice (including NIF), it is better to request it directly to ThemeForest Support… :wink:


Hi Agusmu,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I will try to contact in order to solve this matter,

Thank you very much,