Invoice Not Found IVIP1000


When i click on invoice link : its taking me to “not found” page.

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Me too! I submitted a help ticket…

Am having the same issue here too…

Same here! Submitted a helpdesk ticket too…

Same here, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here :smile:

Same here.

Not submitted a ticket as it’s the same number for us all.

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Yes…last three items with “no page found”…

same here…

Also same here

Same here.

I have the same problem! :fearful:

It’s probably a temporary issue, as we all have the same number of the invoice and nothing behind that.
We shouldn’t send any more tickets to the staff with the same problem, as we all know how the support replay time looks like. I am sure, they are working on that already :smile:

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for the heads up.

Our Dev Team have identified an issue with purchases being served with inaccessible invoices, and are currently looking into it.

Feel free to follow @envato_help on Twitter for regular updates :blush:



Correct invoices are back for me, at least for the last one received.

The others are still IVIP1000

Same here.

now working for me too… got a mail from the help team they will correct those wrong invoices within 24/48 hours


Good to know they’ll fix it

Same here.

Same here… I have a not-found invoice from 22 Oct.