invoice - is there and easier way to get them?

Hi, I’m struggling with the invoices - each month I have to download, screen capture etc. sometimes more than 20 invoices, and my secretary is also complaining about all the -1$ invoices.
My question is if I could get a sum invoice at the end of each month, with all the purchased items? That woul be a great help!!!
Thanks in advance!

On the statements page there is a box on the right where it says “View Invoices”. Use the drop down menu to choose the month you want, then hit the green download button. It then gives you an invoice that summarises the author fees for the whole month. Is that useful to you?

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Thanks! But unfortunately it’s only working with the earnings :frowning: I’m only buying stuff from envato, and I can’t find the same from that side… Any other ideas?


Look at this

Or contact support directly

It’s the best way to find a solution to your problem.

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