Invoice for referral cut?



I just noticed that there is no invoice for the referral cut received from Envato. How do we invoice Envato for the referral cut?


I believe you cannot


Why not? This would mean Envato ilegally sends money to authors.


They are actually creating the invoices for the payments (to author and to buyers) but you cannot get one because of it’s referral system. You are not selling any service or item, why/how should send you an invoice as well?

For further questions, I believe you should contact the support


What do you mean? I get 30% referral cut, so I get a comission from Envato. I receive money from Envato so therefore I should invoice Envato for the service I provide (eg. brining a new user to them). Who else should I invoice for this money that I receive from Envato? They can’t just “give me money”.


You should contact support.


I know, I just thought that there are many other authors here that have to deal with this and maybe they could share the way they are solving this issue.


Help says it’s on your statement I would imagine this would cover it


The statement is just an “info” section where you can see details about the transactions. I can not use the statement as an invoice. As I receive money from Envato (or, in other words, Envato buys from me) I have to issue an invoice to Envato.


here it is


Here it is what? I don’t get it. This exact link was posted above, yet it does not contain anything related to how the referral cut is or should be invoiced.


It’s a commission that you’re earning without doing anything. Once the buyer purchases the items, they are paying Envato ( Envato is sending the invoice ) and what you’re actually earning is Envato commission. You don’t have to create the second invoice for that

You don’t need to provide all the incomes - around 30% of your income ( the amount may vary on the EU countries )

If you still have to have, write down all the amounts, create your own invoice and use Envato TAX numbers


Although this seems to be a confusing topic, I know exactly what you mean. For accounting purposes, any money that comes in must be documented with an invoice, exactly as it’s done with any money that goes out (see expense receipts and invoices).

The issue here is that Envato sends you money (not quite “without doing anything”, I must add), yet they don’t ask, nor need you to send them an invoice for that, so there is a “gap” in the documents.

I solved the issue by creating invoices manually, without sending them to anyone. I add all the details from Envato (company name, address, etc), with a reference to the payment I received from them (e.g. PayPal Transaction ID), and save the invoice as “paid”. Thanks to this, every transaction coming from Envato is documented, with all the tax information and details required by the local tax man. All sorted.


I already suggested the same