Invisible Project!

Hello Everyone ! I’m tried to open a ticket with my problem, but still no one replies, so maybe here i can get some help or advice what to do…
My item was approved for sale ( ) , but its absolutely invisible at the market, only me can see it in my portfolio, or with direction link. If you trying to find it with tags at the search bar , or with categories in the AE projects, you will find nothing, because this item is absent there. (✓&referrer=search&view=grid )
Thank you for understanding!

visible to me

first number on this page

everything seems to be ok.

I try with “ice logo” keyword and I saw it on the 1st page. Is this is a brand promotion way? :joy: :joy:

Nope its not a promotion, they fixed it tonight. But 3 days project was in the middle of nowhere.
Anyway, thanks to everyone who paid attention at this topic!