Introductory offer for just approved item.



Hi All,

Our new item Robust - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template + Build System just got approval.

I am wondering that, Can I provide introductory offer for just approved item? let say 50% of for first 100 sales.

Is that complaint with envato item promotional terms ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You can change the price (lower) but you cannot advertise the item as “discount” or “sale” at least for two weeks. It’s against of the rules


You can say it’s an introductory price and that the price will be going up at a certain point. You can’t say it’s 50% off as, it’s never been priced at 100%… so it can’t be 50% off of something it’s never been. It has to have been sold at 100% for a reasonable amount of time before you can start saying that it’s X% off.


Informative, Thanks