Introducing WordPress and Annual Subscriptions on Envato Elements

I have purchased one year envato subscription by mistake. I was trying to purchase monthly subscription. How do I get a refund?

Assuming you haven’t been downloading items restricted to annual subscribers like WP themes then support are the people to speak to

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I have not downloaded any single item from there.

I already submitted a ticket. Ticket number is #971560

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Hey folks,

Matt here with another round of Q&A. We’re keeping an eye on the comments that are coming through here and attempting to answer new questions as they come through. Some questions we don’t have answers for yet, but we’re working through them internally. For now, here’s a new round of replies:

Envato Elements has to provide value for both our customers and our authors in order to work. We’re just past 12 months into our product journey with Envato Elements and we’ve learned a lot about what this value looks like, and how we can make adjustments to keep it front and centre. Envato will continue to make changes, but it will be so that we can continue to iterate and improve the offering.

So what will we be doing to provide value to customers? In short: plenty. More items and more value is coming to both subscription types and ultimately it will be up to the customer to decide what subscription provides the best value for their needs.

Our early adopters are an important part of our community and this offer provides them with the option to access the annual subscription - and WordPress items - at a reduced rate.

A number people have also questioned the new payment model.

As we learned more about bringing WordPress to Elements, we learned that a different payment model would be required in order to stock higher value items. Annual subscriptions are about creating a model that allow us to pay our authors appropriately for their work, whilst ensuring that our customers can access that value at an equivalent monthly cost.

Exactly the same as the $19 per month guarantee, all annual subscribers will be able to continue their subscriptions at the discount rate.

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You are still overlooking the main topic. Please, let me assist you:

Our early adopters are an important part of our community and this offer provides them with the option to access the annual subscription - and WordPress items - at a reduced rate.

I see no reduced rate I see continue as $19 per month or pay Elements 12x19 upfront…that is not a reduced rate for us, that is letting us continue to use our introduction offer as well as offer it to the public after 12 months of us being here we are being treated no different.

I am wondering is there any Themeforest authors who would like to share how they were affected by Elements introducing themes and websites.

How your sales and earnings were affected?

That is a different monster, you need to start another thread for this, so the issue in hand does not get lost within authors moaning about effected sales.

In how many days usually envato respond to a ticket?

I needed the wordpress themes and plugins so I switched from the monthly to the yearly plan. After doing so, I tried to download some plugins but unfortunately they were only available separately in envato market for additional pricing. This was my first disappointment as this has not been made clear anywhere on envato (such info available only when you dig to investigate the details)

The second disappointment is that some plugins on envato elements:
1- have not been tested with the current WordPress version!! And so cause more damage than good.
2- are identical to the free versions available from WordPress Admin Dashboard only with a deceiving title (the Free version called ABCDE but on envato elements it’s listed as ABCDE PLUS. Downloaded it only to find out that I ended up with the same plugin available for free. Not expected from envato!
Why did I subscribe?

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I am a prospective new member and since there is no trial period to see if the service fits my needs then the best (least risky) option would be to sign up for the $19/monthly membership.

Can anyone tell me how much I would have to pay if I wanted to convert to an annual membership if I find that the service does fit my needs within a few months from now? $228? $348? Pro-Rated?

Hey, I have purchased the annual package mistakenly. I have contacted support but they did not replied me yet. I believe you should search for all the info before purchase. I can help if you have any questions regarding the annual package.

I have asked for a refund.

I signed up and was curious exactly what does this mean for the annual subscription?

“We will also adjust the amount we charge you according to the remaining days on your current subscription”

Are they saying if you’re 6 months in on your $19/mo membership, they will charge you $114 (1/2 of $248)?

An annual subscription would begin from when you sign up to it and is an adjusted, but separate one from existing monthly agreements.

By adjusting the remaining days, they mean that if you are currently paying more than $19 rate then they will adjust it for that month. They won’t deduct payments from before the annual plan was announced as that is a separate agreement.

any chance to grab this deal now?

Back up to $348 for the year unfortunately. I’m sure it’s not the last time they’ll do a sale, but you might be waiting for a while.

I really can’t see why anyone would sign in to this…can we get some reviews from users to have signed in to this?

Let’s see what happens when the subscribers needs Wordpress themes/plugins support… It’s not included in Elements and they don’t say it clearly.