Introducing the Refunds Tab for managing refunds

Hi everyone,

A quick update to let you know we’ve made some changes to how you can manage refund requests.

We’ve moved all of your refund requests into a new Refunds tab and added a notifications panel to the Author Dashboard which will tell you how many open, and new refund requests you have at any time, as well as any new refund comments from your customers.

Author Dashboard

The Refund tab allows you to view all of the refund requests that you’ve received, including those that have been closed - something that many of you have told us is important. This also keeps the Dashboard focussed on notifying you of what you need to do rather than being the place where you take action.

Refund Tab

We hope you find the changes helpful and please be sure to reach out if you have any questions!

Nice but like with everything other new it does not work. Do you have some clone of the site where you test the changes or you do it on live version?

When you click on the button since you wrapped a tag with button :frowning:


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Thanks for the feedback DJMiMi, we’ve since made an update to make the
entire button gloriously clickable!

Awesome and here’s something for you :lollipop:

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My sweet tooth thanks you!

Finally is compact and clear: good work.

I asked for a refund yesterday but the tab don’t appear on my dashboard. As a customer, I wished I could see in which point is the refunding process… am I waiting any response for a theme author who don’t practice good support?

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I just purchase a theme but it clicked twice…so i want to make a refund.

no refund tab at my dashboard.

I think the refund tab is only for the author, you can request a refund at this link more info. please visit this help section.

I am a customer who needs a refund on a out dated product I bought and is now not compatible with the software I am using. How do I do this?

Instructions here

Bear in mind if the item did not advertise to support newer software then you may not be entitled to a refund

Oh…I like seeing an update on this, but as an author, I was more interested in the refunds I myself asked for because that info is always elusive, so the refund tab should manage refunds you ask for too. I can easily tell if something of mine is refunded by simply seeing I lost money or getting an email. Still I guess it’s better to click a button myself rather than make people go through support tickets. I’m guessing this update was more themeforest motivated.

Ive been trying to conact Envato about getting a refund for a week and nobody will reply to my support ticket. Ive sent in three tickets and nobody has replied at all. Im not able to use a “Refund Ticket” because my purchase is not showing up as one of the options. Anyone know how else I can get a hold of Envato for this?


How can i get a refund if nobody replies to a ticket at Envato and your refund ticket system is not working?

They Will Take More Then One Week Some Times TO Reply Support Tickets

Oh really? Bummer. ok thanks for the info @Muse-Master

Not necessarily true. Support reply to tickets between 24 hours and maximum 1 week! :slight_smile: These things are always higher priority.

i have a very urgent issue and ive heard nothing from them in 5 days now! Deff longer then 24 hours…

Hello … I am a customer. How do I refund? Your refund ticket system does not work? thanks so much

Hey there! Please take a look at this link. It explains all options for you!