Introducing The Modern Day Producer - tips and tricks for recording, production, mixing, mastering 🎧

Hey all,

So in my downtime I went and created a little website. I have wanted to create a platform where home producers, from amateur to professional could read up on advice, guides and reviews on all facets of music production. It’s called:

I’d love some feedback from all you guys. It’s only in its infancy at this stage but I will be releasing new content regularly. If you’re a producer like me it’s always good to read up on your craft, and who knows, you may learn something new! And best of all - it’s a free resource.

Here’s the exciting part - I’m wanting to translate many of these articles down the track, so I will be needing authors from all around the world to help me. Some languages I’m thinking of offering translation to are: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese and Indonesian. Who’s fluent in one of these languages? Do you know a friend who speaks a language above? Tag away! :slight_smile:

I’m also going to be looking for guest authors to contribute their knowledge and advice, so if you know a thing or two about something, or you have something you’d like to share, let me know!




Great initiative! Good luck!!

Awesome initiative James! Looking forward to reading these articles, thanks mate!

I know some French if you need a hand with that

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Awesome, Pierre! It’d be great to have you on board. I’ll let you know the details soon.

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Thanks a lot! :+1:t2:

Excellent idea. I’ll have to implement that in the future!

Love it, the eq tips are great I’m learning new things already

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Cheers Johnny. Glad you’re digging it!

Love the site man! Great resource for producers to stay sharp! From time to time, I get asked these sorts of things by friends and colleagues, so I’ll be sure to point them in your direction too!

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Nice one :slight_smile: I’m from Italy if you are interested in translating some stuff

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Me too. That’s one of the reasons I took to making this website.

cool bro=) will see it=)

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Good site, interesting articles.
I will often visit this resource if the site is regularly filled!
Thank you!

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Awesome, following this :+1: Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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UPDATE: There is now a mailing list, where I’ll provide exclusive content to subscribers. If any of you are interested, find the big green button :slight_smile:


Done :white_check_mark: :ok_hand:t2:

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Wow James! Awesome initiative :+1: This looks very helpful and a great resource for many. The 14 points are an excellent initial reference! I hit the big green button :white_check_mark: Thanks!


NEW posts guys! Check 'em out when you have the time :slight_smile:

Also - be sure to sign up to the VIP mailing list to get news on the latest posts!


Already checked out the article about recording electric guitars :+1:
Thanks a lot!

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I have such friends, I will ask about it and if they agree, I will let you know!

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