Introducing the DaVinci Resolve Category!

You should have received an email. Check your spam folder, and if you don’t find any emails from us about it, let me know.

Hello. I didn’t receive any emails. Only saw this forum post and filled the form. But there is no any launch date.

I know an email went out, but it just pointed to that form anyway. We’re hoping to launch the category on Elements in the next week or two.


Oh, thanks for clearing that up! :smiley: I got the email with a form, but also wondering about the launch date.

It seems to be live? :raised_hands:


Hi. Found my project on an element. But it is not in the account autor. Is this normal?

For projects not listed amongst these categories - yes, very normal :smiley:

And such projects as far as I recall are - video templates, motion graphics videos, and stock videos.

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I believe that list you’re referencing will only show items that can be created and submitted directly through the Elements UI. Since all video items need to be submitted through VideoHive and then opted-in from there, you won’t see Video Templates or DaVinci Resolve as an option in that list.

The category has soft launched today, which is probably why you can see them in the site, but not seeing them in other areas. We should be fully live very soon!


What atamotion meant was that videohive items never showed up in the Elements Dashboard (that is what you see in the screenshot).

Only items that are directly submitted through this Dashboard are listed there. And that is why Asia20 gets told he has no items published, although he has items in his elements portfolio.

Just one of the many “you have to know it to understand it” things as an author.

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As @MarkBrodhuber mention, that are items submitted thru Elements UI. I also have it…

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@steve_lam @MotionRevolver Hi,

I have published over 50 DaVinci Resolve template on Element but the contribution bonus date on the Author Beta portal is not affected yet. They should increase but didn’t happened yet is this normal?

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