Introducing the DaVinci Resolve Category!

Yes, it’s the a Violation if you are an Exclusive Author, Non Exclusive can do that

The market that I mentioned is non-exclusive. I’m wondering if I would break the envato rule if I upload a DR project to a video beehive, to an exclusive account. With all this, there will be a similar project on AE on another market.

I also got reject, now can someone explain me how to offer buyers the same project (done in AE, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion or FCPX) for DaVinci resolve, due to nature of project it’s done in Trapcode Particular?
Any suggestions?
@MarkBrodhuber @MotionRevolver

Hey @miseld, check your DM’s for a reply.

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If you’re exclusive with Envato, once you have your item approved in our library, having the same item under a different application for sale elsewhere would breach our exclusivity terms.

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Question to the administration
Hello, what we see in sales now will always be this way, or is the “cold start” still going on. Do you expect sales to grow?

Hey, happy new year! When will the Davinci category launch on Elements? Thanks!

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Same question here.

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We’re aiming to launch the category on Elements before the end of this month. @miseld


Its January 2021. Where’s it at? lol

Once its up. Ill finally purchase an annual membership.

Cant Wait.

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