Introducing myself and use of social media to promote your tracks!

Hi everyone! My name is Henrique Dib, the composer behind ‘wavebeats’!

I would like to introduce myself and become part of this great AJ community! I am a film & media composer, a teacher (privately at my music studio and at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music) and a jazz pianist.

I joined AJ a while ago but never had the time to dedicate to it seriously! But now is the time and I will certainly put a lot more effort. I recently wrote a few tracks and they started selling well, I guess. Two of them just got a “trending” badge! :slight_smile: Any tips to get more sales? Do you guys also use twitter, Youtube, facebook, soundcloud to advertise your tracks?

There are lot of talented and friendly composers here and it will be a great pleasure to share ideas and help each other! I am a true believer in the law of attraction - do good things to others and good things will come back to you. So, it would be great to make friends! :smile:



Hi Henrique. Looks like you are doing a lot of things right according to your product-to-sale ratio :thumbsup: No additional tips from me other than…enjoy the journey! :slight_smile:

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Hi MidnightSnap, thanks a lot for your reply! I wish you all the best too! cheers! :wink:

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Wowww 4 out of 5 tracks are getting trending badges. You are surely in a great way on AJ, great start and keep going strong mate! :wink:

Promotion in social media is useless. Don’t waste your time on it. Just make music. That’s it.

HI FASSounds, thanks for the support! I hope it continues like this! :grinning: Good luck to all of us! I am following you now!! :+1: do they normally take that long to approve tracks? My last one took 9 days!

Thanks for the advice!! And it does take a lot of time to get it properly setup! You are right, I will concentrate on writing more music for now and then later after I have 30+ tracks I will re-evaluate the strategy! Good luck with your sales!!! :+1:u:grinning:

Great to meet you Henrique!! Wowww you definitely must be doing something right haha :smiley: Have you got any tips for us?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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We need advice :smiley:

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Seriously? You have 4 out of 5 tracks trending and you’re asking us for advice?! What are your tips??


Not only that, but you have 21 5 star ratings to your profile only since January?? That’s unheard of

Hi Sarah, just keep it simple i guess! I find hard not to have a clear melody in my tracks when I don’t have the media to follow. But try to keep the melodic material to the minimum…as the music will be mostly for background…will try to do this in my next tracks for sure…As for audio quality, using bus compression helps to even out the dynamics so you can increase the overall level of the track to be competitive! and of course, compose with passion! I love what I do! do you? :+1: :grinning:

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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and for your helpful advice :slight_smile: Very good advice regarding melodies - although that’s the thing I love haha!!! Already using compression etc but definitely good advice :+1: Haha I might love it more with a few more sales :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding but you’re right - gotta remember why you’re doing it! I hope that things continue to grow for you :smiley:

Hi Alister, I just listened to a few of your tracks! Amazing work! I loved your track “uplifting piano”! Really beautiful man!!! :+1: :slight_smile: well done!
Well…I have been paying more attention to mixing and mastering. We love composing but when it comes to the audio quality of our tracks we just tend to make it louder and that’s it. I have been studying mixing and mastering tips. As a consequence my tracks are starting to sound a bit better. So I guess this is my tip. I like your writing style! Good luck with your sales!!! :grinning: :+1:

I’ve listened to your portfolio
Looks like you know what you doing :slight_smile:
Any advice?
Well,Keep moving in right direction :wink:

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Hey CycleProduction! Thanks for your post! I just went to your portfolio and listened to your latest track (Sport Big beat)! Wow…that’s is a great track! well done! Advice? Well, as I have replied to others here. I have been paying more attention to mixing/mastering rather than just composing. Tracks are starting to sound better and sales increase. You know what you are doing too! :slight_smile:

Question: how do you ad images to your item or profile page with a link? Like the big 5 stars on your item description. I know this is a basic question but I really would like to know.

Thanks and all the best with your sales!

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Thanks for warm words)
Unfortunately that track was approved just before tests and it got no exposure
Still I hope it will get it minute of fame :slight_smile:

Answer: It’s really simple. Just upload the picture you want on some host like Postimage
And then put link in the code of this type in your item(profile) discription

< a href=link to collection (or another direction) >< img src=link to the picture (host)>< /a>

The final code should look something like this:
< a href= NAME/portfolio >< img src=>

Just delete space between “<” nearby symbols to make code work the way it should :slight_smile:

Hope it hepls)

Solid work mate, I dream of getting to where you are :wink:

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@wavebeats Good work and great progress!

How did you get 21 ratings? You have 43 sales and 21 ratings - wow! :slight_smile:

Maaaaan!! You’ re so positive!!! )))

Like your music. And I can say that this is very “fast start” on aj! Good luck!))

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