Introducing Envato Debug

Today we’ve released a new service that is designed to help end users debug connectivity issues to the Envato ecosystem.

It lives at and walks you through the various steps to debug your network, connection and browser in order to help diagnose where in the pipeline your issue is occurring. This is useful for both your local machine as well as your hosting environment so no matter where the issue is happening, we can help get to he bottom of it faster.

Here are two examples of how to use it.

On your hosting environment

Let’s say for example, you have a WordPress site and cannot seem to validate your purchase with the API. You open a shell session and drop in the following commands (found at

  • ping -c 10
  • traceroute
  • curl -svo /dev/null 2>&1 | grep -iE "cf-ray:|x-request-id:"

In this case, we see that the ping completed with 100% packet loss (which indicates an issue getting to

With this information, we now know the issue is between your hosting provider and the Envato API and not a purchase validation failure.

In your browser

While attempting to navigate to, you encounter a HTTP forbidden error. This can happen at various parts of our stack for a number of reasons. To find out why, you can navigate to and it will send off a bunch of requests to our services as if it was you doing it and report back some request identifiers. Once it has completed, you can click the “copy results to clipboard” button and then open a support ticket with the contents. From there, we can cross reference requests against our logs and get back to you on what the cause was.

The system has been built to cover the most frequently encountered issues and as we see more pop up, we’ll add debug steps and functionality that aim to provide as much help up front without the need of back and forth.

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to drop them in here or reach out!


That’s really helpful, Keep up the good work :+1:
A side note: nslookup command might be helpful as well.

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