Introducing Deals & Discounts

When Author will be able to change the discount price to original price? Anytime when Author want to change or the discount price should be for the full month (30 Days)

Hey @mgscoder! Pricing is always determined at the sole discretion of the author of the item so it can be changed any time the author chooses.

To provide additional context to the specific “Deals & Discounts” opportunity: We will have separate/new threads per calendar month (a new/separate one in March for example), and we may choose not to feature/highlight any expired promotions in case that causes confusion to customers. But just to re-emphasize again, authors always control the price and timing of pricing, it’s their responsibility and prerogative.

So a quick summary:

  • Authors always set and maintain the price of items.
  • Anything posted to “Deals & Discounts” we can feature/promote it at the top of the thread if we wish.
  • We reserve the right to remove something that we promoted at the top of the thread if the discount has expired.
  • Authors with due diligence may wish to remove their promotional announcements/posts themselves if they know their discount has expired.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @scottwills great and hopefully this will be very useful to promote items.

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I made the same like others?
Why is flagged?

I didn’t promote, just like I saw that others made.
Where is wrong or how you want to be?

@payothemes Compare your post here to our instructions (and what everyone else has posted). Many thanks!

I forgot banner promo, but in rest is like in instructions, nothing wrong
to be flagged, no?

Got it, I edit and publish, i think is ok now. Thanks.

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@scottwills Where I can see the Deals and Discounts Page? Is it live?

Edit: I just saw its just a forum post? There’s is no dedicated page which links from the market? We all know, not every customers check these forums. I thought it was a special page like what CM does. They did it in the right way.

A forum post is a bad choice for this. So please consider atleast when you go live with all type of items.


@surjithctly Thanks for the feedback! Looks like you found the link (which is here if anyone else needs it). Having it on Market would be ideal for sure. There’s a lot of automation that could be done to make it work. Right now though there are no current plans to integrate it directly into Market but we’re doing it in the forums as a trial and to give more value to our forums for our customers. We’ll keep evaluating how it works with a view to refine along the way. :thumbsup:

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Good to know that

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Is it enough to refer to the reduction and you will reduce or have to go to the project and I reduce
Because I saw some posts leave the original price and some reduce