Introducing Dashboard Plus


I removed it from chrome and trying to reinstall… It gives error while going to install it from the Webstore:

Please suggest. @XpeedStudio @Morad

I’ve just pushed an update out to the chrome web store :slight_smile:
Hopefully that resolves the issue, it should be active again in a few days time.

Hello, is the Dashboard Plus existing today? There is no such a thing in the Chrome Store.

is Dashboard Plus existing today? the chrome extension links lead to a 404 google page please some help we really need the extension

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Hi @dtbaker, it seems that your amazing extension is not in the chrome web store area for the moment. Do you plan to add it again or is there any way to install your amazing extension for Google Chrome?


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use code at for Grease Monkey on Firefox.

@dtbaker is it possible to have again the chrome extension?? It’s such an awesome extension… :confused:

Hi @dtbaker, your amazing Dashboard Plus extension stopped working for more than 1 month I think, until then it worked as it should. Do you have an idea what happened please? Is there any way to use the extension again?

[EDIT] I just downloaded Chrome extension manually from Github (this link) and then I installed extension manually. Now it works again :slight_smile:



I don’t need an extension to count 0 sales